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Testimonials for Angela Winter

“Such excellent work is not the norm!” —Aneil Mishra, Associate Dean, Acting, and Thomas D. Arthur Distinguished Professor of Leadership at East Carolina University – College of Business

“Angela’s writing and creative direction have transformed our service model, clarified our communication strategy, and added intrigue to our marketing and messages. Our materials are clearer and more enticing now. Results include increased brand awareness, media coverage, and client calls. I recommend her highly.” —Joyce M. Young, MD, MPH, Managing Director of Advanced Wellness Systems and creator of the High Health Network

“Angela interviewed me twice for The Sun Magazine, and hers are the absolute best published interviews that I’ve ever done. I have even assigned them in my classes on Positive Psychology. One was syndicated to Utne Reader and received especially wide exposure. Angela is well-informed about positive psychology, and as an interviewer, you can trust her to get the nuances right. I highly recommend her.” —Barbara Fredrickson, Kenan Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“I had the privilege of working with Angela Winter for seven years when we were both at The Sun magazine. I view her as a true organizational visionary, possessing a deep acumen in helping institutions and individual people become more resilient, effective, and true to their highest calling. Angela manages to mix a profound warmth and kindness with the courage it takes to move the needle on organizational vitality, even when discomfort arises. Through deep listening, vast experience, and keen intuition, she creates a safe container for true introspection and transformation.” —Tim McKee, Publisher, North Atlantic Books

“As the associate publisher of the monthly magazine I founded in 1974, Angela saw The Sun through a significant transition period and helped prepare us for the future. She played an integral role in establishing the magazine’s first management team, assisted me in hiring staff members and consultants, and laid the groundwork for a plan of succession when the time comes for me to step back from the magazine’s daily operations. Before becoming associate publisher, Angela oversaw the magazine’s entry into the digital, online era—no easy task with a boss who still prefers pencils to pixels. She also developed a popular series of twice-yearly Sun writing conferences and enabled our readers to form discussion and writing groups. And she did it all with grace and heart. Angela is smart, trustworthy, and talented, and she exceeds all expectations. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” —Sy Safransky, Editor and Founder, The Sun

“Angela is a joy to work with. She has the rare gift of creativity in combination with attention to detail and the ability to get things done on time. As a wordsmith, she can make the confusing or seemingly mundane all of a sudden make sense and spring to life. It was a treat to work under her creative direction, and I would not hesitate to do so again.” —Kent Swecker, Owner and Graphic/Web Designer, A New Machine

“Angela was an instrumental extension of our team, helping clarify and bring to life key messages and concepts. This ranged from engaging our population with educational content and blogs, to translating complex information and data for leadership presentations, to crafting winning applications for industry awards. Our department’s success over several years was in large part due to Angela’s close work with the team to deeply understand our programs and objectives and to push us to optimize our communication approach.” —Stewart Sill, Senior Health Advisor, IBM Watson Health

“Angela is one of the more outstanding conference directors that I’ve worked with in the past 12+ years that I have directed programming at Esalen Institute. She hits all the areas you want and need to see depth and superior skills in: communication, organization, emotional maturity, intelligence, problem-solving and extremely easy to work with. Angela also is an excellent writer/editor and was helpful in pinch hitting for us when our catalog editor needed to take leave at a critical time.” —Cheryl Fraenzl, Director of Programs, Esalen Institute

“It has been a pleasure working with Angela over the last few months for TSHRM. Membership engagement and attendance at meetings has been low for a while. With Angela’s exciting program summaries and speaker bios, we’ve seen a great increase in attendance. She is very responsive with any request and quick to make a suggestion that will improve our process or drive us closer toward our goals.” —Amanda Larkin, VP of Programs, Triangle Society for Human Resource Management (TSHRM)

“In working with Angela on IBM projects, I found her to be knowledgeable and creative in marketing health and wellness to a large and diverse professional audience. She has a keen eye for design and is adept at marrying creative messaging with dynamic imagery. She is an extremely well-versed writer, being able to turn a phase that is fresh and captivating—a great story teller!” —Pat Jenkins, Creative Director, Pat Jenkins Inc. | visual communications

“I worked with Angela Winter when she was at The Sun and always appreciated her gracious, competent, clear style. She was professional, yet friendly and warm and responsive to any special needs. She got the job done! And was a pleasure to be around!” —Ellen Bass, author

“Angela Winter is brilliant, kind, fun, extremely organized and patient with those who are not, and a warm presence who brings joy to even the most fraught situations. If you’re lucky, she’ll sing for you, too.”  —Pat MacEnulty, author

“Angela is a delight to work with. She stays on top of everything, manages the details, handles sticky problems, plays well with others—and does it all with grace and ingenuity.” —Frances Lefkowitz, author

“Angela made The Sun’s writing retreats the most gratifying teaching experiences of my life. Her kindness, attention to detail, and complete authenticity provided the entire group with a calm presence. What can I say, she’s the best!” —Doug Crandell, author

Testimonials for Brent Winter

“Brent Winter is one of our most trusted, most astute editors; we know that we can rely on him for even difficult projects with discretion and dispatch. His queries are thoughtful and to the point; his scope can be as wide or narrow as the project requires. Our clients rely on us, and we know we can rely on Brent to handle work professionally, well, and on time.” —Barbara Williams Ellertson, Founder and Former President, BW&A Books

“Brent is a gifted storyteller who finds the humanity in any subject matter. He can turn an article on a data science research center into a detective story featuring a desperate scavenger hunt to stop a would-be terrorist from assembling a dirty bomb. Whether he’s interviewing a police chief about diversity in law enforcement, delving into the science of nanoscale sensors, or exploring the intersection of jazz and mathematics, Brent skillfully crafts narratives that engage his readers in a personal, immediate way.” —David Hunt, Director of Editorial Services, University Communications and Marketing, NC State University

“Brent does excellent copy editing, layout and publication design work. As an editor he is thorough and careful. He always takes the time to ask questions before making changes in complex material and he is good at spotting things that many editors miss. He was always one of the more conscientious editors I worked with and took care to get to know the subject material and understand the publications he worked on.” —Richard Jarvis, Managing Editor, American Health Consultants

“I’ve been thinking about Brent’s presentation ever since, and I already feel like my writing is stronger for having listened to his tips.” —Anonymous feedback, presentation attendee, CASE District III Annual Conference 2018