Who We Are

We are partners in love and business—two word nerds who met while singing madrigals and went on to make professional lives in writing, editing, publishing, communications, and creative direction. We’ve managed to use our complementary skills to live, work, and dream together for more than twenty years with nary a flesh wound.

Why we do what we do

Brent seems to have entered this world with at least two core drives: a passionate love of language and a fervent desire for clarity. It’s no wonder that he started writing stories in fourth grade and that his eighth-grade nickname was “Mr. Logic.” He enjoys harnessing both of these drives to help people and organizations change the world by telling their stories.

Angela loves thresholds because that’s where change happens and the world is most alive. This fascination led her to work with story, whose core always revolves around change, and to study psychology and human potential, which taught her how to use empathy to shift people’s awareness toward the possibility of change. She relishes applying these skills for the greater good while helping clients do their best work.

Our bios

ANGELA WINTER’s work as a writer, creative director, and musical artist has taught her that the human heart defies the laws of physics: the further in you go, the bigger it gets. Her work explores the subjects of consciousness, health, psychology, and personal transformation. A former associate publisher of The Sun magazine, Angela has more than twenty years of editorial and publishing experience that includes writing, editing, visual storytelling, and creative direction for video, audio, print, and digital media. She specializes in interviewing experts in science, academia, and business and translating their ideas and research into alluring stories for the rest of us. (A.B., Psychology: Duke University. Publishing on the Web, Stanford Professional Publishing Courses: Stanford University.)

BRENT WINTER is a writer and editor with more than twenty years of experience in print and digital publishing and communications across a wide variety of fields, including scholarly books and journals, scientific and literary magazines, and higher-ed marketing collateral. Brent draws on his background as a journalist and fiction writer to help clients discover and tell their stories in an authentic way that engages audiences and moves them to act. He is a skilled presenter, trainer, and workshop leader, and he specializes in polishing prose until it sparkles. (B.A., Philosophy: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. MFA, Creative Writing: North Carolina State University.)

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