How We Work

We work with nonprofits, private businesses, and individuals.

Our services include: creative direction, writing and editing, visual and audio storytelling, interviews, talks, workshops, and events.

Our favorite people to work with are visionary leaders and world-changers who value authenticity, clarity, and the common good.

Is that you? Let’s talk.


Creative Direction

  • Story strategy—powerful alignment for all your communications; melds concepts from modern marketing, positive psychology, Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, and design thinking into a one-sheet (like a brand platform, but better)
  • Core story development
  • Oversee creative process and guide creative teams to manifest a specific vision, whether for an online project or video shoot

Writing and Editing

  • Naming, branding, and taglines
  • News and feature stories
  • Websites and blogs
  • One-sheets
  • Newsletters
  • Film and video scripts; script doctoring
  • Concept and white papers
  • Case studies
  • Social media
  • Editing—developmental, substantive, copyediting
  • Proofreading

Visual and Audio Storytelling

  • Video scripts and storyboards
  • Social videos
  • Graphical facilitation
  • Podcasts (coming soon)

Interviews and Ideas

  • Interviews with you (or your experts) to “translate” your ideas, research, and/or knowledge into alluring materials for your audience
  • Background research
  • Beautiful, relevant questions
  • Video, audio, and print

Workshops, Talks, and Events

  • Training and talks in writing, editing, and communications
  • Story Generator workshop—learn a creative method for uncovering and telling strong stories about your business
  • Event production and management
  • Writing retreats


We both write, edit, and conduct interviews. Angela takes the lead on creative direction, branding, video and audio work, and event production. Brent is head editor, proofreader, and presenter-in-chief. (Brent works full time as a writer and editor at NC State University, so his freelance schedule fills the fastest.)

If we’re not a good fit for your project or if our dance card is full, we’ll refer you to other folks who do awesome work—artists, designers, writers, videographers, and filmmakers whose work we admire.

Have an idea or project to discuss? Let’s talk.