Gifts from Another Realm

I dreamed that I was living in an old house in the woods. As I wandered through it, I saw dozens—no, hundreds—of beautiful spheres scattered around the floorboards and resting on top of paintings, shelves, and tables. Each sphere was about the size of a golf ball, and some were illuminated. Though most were white, others glowed in delicate shades of green, yellow, and blue. They seemed hazy and otherworldly. My eyes blurred a little when I looked at them.

Somehow I became aware of a presence outside. I stepped around several spheres to open the front door, and on the porch I found even more spheres. I understood that they were gifts from another realm—the nature world—and that they had been left on the porch for me to collect.

I was flummoxed. What was I going to do with them? I was grateful for the generosity and beauty of the gift, but the spheres were taking over my house like tribbles.

I gathered the new spheres from the porch and went inside, where friends were sitting together around the dining table. I thought, Of course. I should give as many as possible to my friends. But first I had to “activate” them because none of the new spheres were glowing. I discovered that I could spark their luminescence by blowing gently onto them, one by one. As each sphere took on its unique light, I set it inside a paper bag alongside many others. I handed the makeshift luminarias to my friends and watched as their faces began to shine.

11 Replies to “Gifts from Another Realm”

  1. How beautiful! I’ve been thinking about recording my dreams quite a bit lately, but have not actually done it. What an inspiring example!!! I love the image of you gently intervening (using your breath!) to spread gifts of nature and light to your friends. Amazing!

    1. Thanks so much, Kristin! I hope you’ll decide to record your dreams. Just keeping a book and pen by the bed seems to enhance mine; they’re somehow easier to remember, even if I don’t write them all down. Love, A

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Just thinking about writing them down has given me better access, so I can only imagine what actually touching the pen to the paper will unleash : )

  3. Huge smile on my face after reading this, Angela! I love it! I think perhaps my luminous ball was fuschia colored…and full of joy. I felt it a few days ago — thanks so much.

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